Episode 27. Jeff Corwin: TV Host and Celebrity Wildlife Biologist on Snake Encounters, Endangered Species, and Steve Irwin

Jeff Corwin on Beyond The Lens Podcast

Sparked by his first experience of Belize’s tropical rainforest in 1984, Jeff is a passionate activist for Central and South American rainforest conservation. Inspired by his experience serving as expedition naturalist for the ‘JASON Project’, a documentary series led by oceanographer Robert Ballard, he became a  TV presenter and producer, best known for hosting Disney Channel’s ‘Going Wild with Jeff Corwin’, ‘The Jeff Corwin Experience’ on Animal Planet, and ABC’s ‘Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin’. His new series’ Wildlife Nation’ highlights North American wildlife and the inspiring partners working together to save them from the brink of extinction.

In this in-depth conversation, Jeff describes the moment he knew he wanted to become a conservationist and his desire to educate others, combining his love of nature, exploration, and discovery with his ability to communicate and share information. Together they dive into Jeff’s fascination for Amphibian species–which have survived six extinctions–explaining how we could lose 70% of the population in the next two decades, and talk through his encounter with a Coral snake.

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