Episode 43. Andrew McCarthy: Masterclass on All Things Astrophotography – GigaMoon, Planets, Galaxies, and ISS Transits

Andrew McCarthy on Beyond The Lens Podcast

In this episode, I am joined by astrophotographer, Andrew McCarthy.

Andrew creates stunning images of the moon, sun, distant galaxies, the International Space Station moon and sun transits, and much more. Many of his photographs have gone viral and are instantly recognizable once you visit his website, Cosmic Background.

He has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram and he generously shares how he captures many of the images featured all across  social media.

In this interview, Andrew describes his astrophotography techniques, the gear he uses, post processing software, and the many frustrations and joys of astrophotography. In vivid detail, he shares anecdotes from the field and why he thinks human beings are drawn to celestial bodies in the night sky. It’s a masterclass on astrophotography!

Notable Links:

Cosmic Background (website)
Featured photograph: New Frontiers

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