Episode 47. Dr. Austin Gallagher, Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ Host: Eye To Eye With Monster Great Whites from the ‘Belly of the Beast’ and Shark Conservation

Austin Gallagher on Beyond The Lens Podcast

Dr. Austin Gallagher is an American marine biologist, researcher, explorer, author and entrepreneur. He’s best known for his extensive research on sharks and hosting and producing content for the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week programming. His shark research has taken him all across the globe on more than 50 scientific expeditions and he’s published more than 100 scientific papers.

Austin founded “Beneath the Waves,” a non-profit organization focused on ocean conservation. He currently serves as its CEO.

Austin is a National Geographic Explorer, a current fellow at the Explorers Club, and was the first American marine biologist to make the Forbes 30 Under 30 List at the age of 29.

Topics Richard and Austin discuss:

  • Orcas vs. Great White Sharks
  • The disappearance of Great Whites off the South African coast
  • The ‘Belly of the Beast’
  • Eye to Eye with a monster Great White Shark
  • Shark Week on the Discovery Channel
  • Wildlife Sensationalism
  • Why to do if you’re being attacked by a shark.
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Greenland Sharks
  • Overfishing and other threats to sharks
  • “Beneath the Waves”
  • Blue Carbon
  • What’s a Social Entreprenuer?
  • Dealing with haters

Notable Links:

Austin Gallagher Website
Austin’s Instagram
Austin Gallagher Twitter/X
Beneath the Waves
Shark Week on the Discovery Channel


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