Episode 53. Ami Vitale: National Geographic Photographer on Seeing with the Heart, Panda Love, and Authentic Storytelling

Ami Vitale on Beyond The Lens Podcast

Ami Vitale is a National Geographic photographer, Nikon Ambassador, writer, speaker and documentary filmmaker.

She’s a traveler to more than 100 countries and the recipient of numerous awards for her photography, including Magazine Photographer & International Photographer of the Year, the Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding Reporting, and  a six-time award recipient from World Press Photos.

Ami is also a founder of a non-profit called Vital Impacts, a women-led, non-profit which uses art and storytelling to support people and organizations who are protecting our planet.

Topics Richard and Ami discuss:

  • Ami’s beginnings as a photo editor at the Associated Press
  • Her first National Geographic assignment
  • Ami’s transition from war photographer to wildlife and the environment
  • Storytelling versus fine art
  • Seeing with your heart versus seeing with your eyes
  • Ami’s non-profit, Vital Impacts
  • Giant panda assignment in China
  • Authentic, solution-based storytelling.
  • Books that inspire

And much more.

Notable Links:

Ami Vitale Website
Ami Vitale Instagram
Vital Impacts
Panda Love: The Secret Lives of Pandas 
Ami’s photo of “Sudan,” the last Northern White Rhino


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