Episode 56. Dr. Tom Smith: How Not To Get Mauled By a Bear, Defensive Strategies, Safety, and Peaceful Coexistence

Dr. Tom Smith on Beyond The Lens Podcast

Dr. Tom Smith is  a professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where he studies human-wildlife conflicts, particularly involving all three species of North American bears and mountain sheep.  He also worked with the United States government in southwestern Alaska where he served from 1992-2006 as a research biologist for the National Park Service  and USGS.

Topics Richard and Dr. Smith discuss:

• Precautions before entering bear country.
• Bear Spray versus a gun
• Grizzlies and brown bears
• Black bears
• Polar bears
• A fed bear is a dead bear
• How  to avoid a bear attack
• What to do if you’re being mauled
• Why you should never take a dog into bear country
• Timothy Treadwell and Alaska
• The importance of a peaceful coexistence with bears

And much more.


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