Episode 60. Matthieu Paley: National Geographic Photographer on Travel, Languages, Cultural Customs, Donkey Stories, and Curiosity as a Superpower

Matthieu Paley on Beyond The Lens Podcast

Matthieu Paley is a French photographer who has traveled the world working for National Geographic magazine. Focusing his efforts on regions that are misrepresented and misunderstood, he is committed to issues relating to diminishing cultures and the environment.

Matthieu is the the recipient of numerous awards and has published several books of his work and his fine art images have been exhibited in galleries worldwide, including museums. He is regularly commissioned for commercial photography campaigns, photo workshops and speaking engagements around the world. He currently is living with his family in Portugal.

Topics Richard and Matthieu discuss:

• The Portugal fire
• Pakistan
• Cultural customs
• Languages
• “Hold you beliefs lightly”
• Cultural immersion
• A photography gear minimalist
• Breaking down stereotypes
• The Pamir Region of Afghanistan
• Donkey stories
• The concept of “home”

And much more.

Notable Links:

Matthieu Paley Website
Matthieu Paley Instagram


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