Episode 50. The Art of Branding: Lessons for Photographers on Personal Brand, Social Media, Sponsorships, and Marketing with Lexar’s Joey Lopez

Joey Lopez

In this episode, we talk branding, influencers, gaining and working with corporate sponsors, marketing, and social media for photographers and artists. What is branding and what isn’t?  How important is consistency and authenticity? What should photographers do and not do on social media? How to market yourself. Plus a lot more.

Joey Lopez  is the Director of Brand Marketing at Lexar. He launched the Lexar Influencer Program, working with renowned photographers and videographers to increase brand awareness. Joey has been responsible for creating  digital and social media content and managing PR and event planning for Lexar’s key product launches and trade shows.

Joey is also an accomplished portrait and wedding photographer.

Notable Links:

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The Brand Called You by Tom Peters, Fast Company, 1997
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