Episode 51. William Neill on His New Yosemite Book, Insights Into Expressive Landscape Photography, and Being a Receptor For Inspiration

William Neill

William Neill is an American landscape and nature photographer, writer and teacher.  He’s been a resident of the Yosemite National Park area since 1977, and his award-winning photography has been widely published in books, magazines, calendars, posters, and his limited-edition prints. For about 30 years, William wrote a monthly column in Outdoor Photographer magazine.

The conversation this episode focuses on William’s new book, Yosemite: Sanctuary in Stone, the wonder of Yosemite National Park, and the approach William takes when creating images in the feild.

Topics Richard and William discuss:

  • William’s life and work in Yosemite.
  • Working with Ansel Adams.
  • What hasn’t already been photographed in Yosemite?
  • What Yosemite has taught William as an artist.
  • How Yosemite: Sanctuary in Stone is different from his other Yosemite books.
  • A complicated relationship with Tunnel View.
  • Richard’s favorite images from the book and why.
  • Being a “receptor for inspiration” when in the field.
  • What makes a good photo?
  • What gets William excited!

And much more.

Notable Links:

Link to Book: Yosemite: Sanctuary in Stone


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